As a mother, your day is full of ups and downs.

Hi–I’m Rachel! I’m a mom, a podcaster, and a life-long journaler.


What makes the Flecks of Gold journal unique?

3-Year Format

Each page of this journal will hold three years of precious moments. As that date on the calendar comes back around each year, you’ll get to revisit golden memories and be reminded all over again that the hard work of motherhood is worth it. It’s like a Time Hop for your favorite memories!

Heirloom Quality

I wanted the outside of this journal to be as beautiful as the moments recorded inside. The journal is hardcover and linen. Each page is printed on premium, acid-free paper. This is a keepsake you will be able to pass on to your children and enjoy for years to come.

Monthly Mindfulness Tip

At the beginning of each month, you will read a mindfulness strategy that will help you lean in to your golden moments. I hope that you will share these tools with your children and develop a family culture of gratitude and positivity.

Peek inside the Flecks of Gold Journal!

Flecks of Gold journaling has changed everything for me. In the beginning, there were days where I felt like I had to really sit and think about something–anything!–that might have happened that was good that day. However, as I continued journaling, it not only became easier to think of those golden moments at the end of the day, but it also became easier to notice them while they were happening in the moment. 

Brooke Rasmussen, mom of 2, New Hampshire

Writing about moments helps me to really grasp them before they slip quietly out of my brain never to be remembered. The written descriptions are like a safety-net, holding on to those things I cherish most in life. My journal is my most valuable possession, filled with memories of ordinary days. I am a more deliberate and grateful mother because I pay attention to my Flecks of Gold each day.

Lindsey Tanner, mom of 4, California

The moment I started doing daily Flecks of Gold journaling, I knew it was something I could actually do...and desperately needed. Mothering felt like something that was supposed to come so naturally, but has been one of the most challenging roles I’ve ever faced. I am beyond grateful for this daily practice of gratitude and reflection that has taught me to look for the good in my kids.

Erica Peterson, mom of 2, Idaho

This is about so much more than a journal!