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Flecks of Gold Journal: Rose Vegan Leather

Flecks of Gold Journal: Rose Vegan Leather

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The Flecks of Gold journal is a “one-line-a-day” journal to help you gather the golden moments within your motherhood so you can experience more of its magic each day.  

How it Works:

  • Each day, write down one beautiful moment you experienced with your children (i.e. a funny comment from your toddler, a meaningful bedtime conversation with your teenager, or a relaxing moment of connection with your partner).
  • With the three-year format, you get to revisit your golden memory the following year when that date on the calendar rolls back around. It’s like a Time-Hope for your best memories!
  • This one’s important: Whether you write down a moment each day, or even once a week, over time you will train your brain to notice the good things as they are happening so you can actually feel more of the joy in motherhood (even on its hardest days!).


Cover: Vegan Leather
Page Count: 408
Details: Gold foil embossing, acid free paper

Dimensions: 6 inches x 8.5 inches x 1.5 inches

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