As a mother, your day is full of ups and downs.

And in some seasons, it may feel like mostly downs...

The baby has a fever. You just dropped a gallon of milk on the floor that you need to clean up, but your three-year-old is also screaming for you from the bathroom to come give her a wipe.

You are up against a deadline at work, but first you need to call the doctor to follow-up about the test results for your son who was just diagnosed with ADHD.

You know your work as a mother is important, but you are tired. So tired.

Before you had children, you thought that motherhood would be filled with magical moments of connection and joy. 

But as you look at the milk spilled all over the floor–a sick baby whining on your hip and an impatient toddler hollering at you from the bathroom–you ask yourself, “Where is the magic in all of this?”

My friend, I have been there. And I have created something that I know will help you.


Hi–I’m Rachel! I’m a mom, a podcaster, and a life-long journaler.

I fought hard to become a mom (my kids arrived via adoption and IVF), and I thought I would love every minute of it. But I ended up struggling with depression and discouragement as I tried to manage daily life with two very strong willed children. 

When I confided how I was feeling to a wise mentor, she comforted me with these wise words: “In motherhood, the hard moments sometimes outnumber the beautiful moments...but the beautiful moments always outweigh the hard moments.” 

I let her words settle into my heart. They reminded me of a story I had heard about a young miner in the California Gold Rush who discovered that he didn’t need to collect big golden nuggets in order to build wealth: he could simply focus on gathering tiny flecks of gold, day after day.


This will change your motherhood.

I decided to start giving the beautiful moments in my days with my kids more weight by noticing them and writing them down. Each night, I journaled about one “fleck of gold” that I had noticed that day–a funny comment from my son, a perfect sunset on a family walk, or an unexpectedly meaningful conversation at bedtime.

During even the hardest days, if I could find one fleck of gold, it felt like enough. And over time, my flecks accumulated and became a rich and steadying anchor to me during the ups and downs of motherhood.

This practice has changed my life and my motherhood, and I want it to change yours as well. I created the Flecks of Gold journal so that YOU can start gathering your own “flecks of gold” with your children.